Write a Basic Advertising Plan and Increase Market Share

Let your business grow, increase your sales and get a larger market share. First, write a basic advertising plan. It must be comprehensive enough to include the unique features of the product or service, the quality, price and the positive effects consumers can get if ever they decided to buy. Remember that consumers always maximize their resources when it comes to making a purchase. Write a basic advertising plan before you take the initial steps to join the market. Make it a marketing strategy to have an excellent advertising mechanism to ensure business growth.

a. Identify key players. Competitors are already there

They have established themselves and already enjoy a fair share in the market. Evaluate their products and their consumers. Compare your own in terms of quality and cost. Take a look at possible customers, know their needs and wants, make an assessment of the prevailing trend and determine whether your product will catch their interest or not.

b. Strategize. Weigh the pros and cons in the business world

Calculate how much you can get from the captive customers of your competitor. Know where you can place yourself to be at the most advantageous position. You should be at the top. In business, there is no other place, but to be ahead than the rest.

c. Set goals and targets. This should be realistic

Identify constraints and limitations but aspire for something big. Who wouldn’t want to succeed? Set reasonable goals but always have the confidence to achieve what you have aspired for.

d. Assess the strength of your product

Focus on what makes it unique from the rest. Emphasize the point why consumers would prefer to buy it compared to other brands. It must serve a purpose in the lives of your target consumers. Something that they could never do without it.

e. Layout advertising materials

Think of printing brochures, flyers, or have it printed in magazines, news daily, or a video clip for tele viewers. Also utilize social media by uploading video clips or post advertising materials for a wider audience. Be sure that the channel used will surely ensure that information reaches the target buyers.

f. Advertise

Spread the information as much as you can. It could be through social media, ads on newsprint and television, over the radio, or billboards. You got plenty of choices to increase customers’ awareness. Advertising is most crucial, because it introduces a product that is initially new to the buyers. Convincing them to buy is the first step, and unless advertising is really good, it would be hard to attract their attention. As a marketing strategy, advertising must contain all helpful information to let the customers know what the product is. Therefore, when you write a basic advertising plan, make it more attractive than the product itself. Emphasize the best qualities that only your product can provide. People are hard to please, and unless prescribed or mandatory, it takes a bit of an effort to make them try something new.